SIR European Regulatory Affairs Course

ERA course 2019-2020:
Module A: 8-10 May 2019
Module B: 9-11 October 2019
Module C: 15-17 January 2020
Module D: 4-6 March 2020
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Module A: Foundations of the EU regulatory system

The first module of the ERA course focuses on understanding the basic structure of the regulatory system. We will discuss topics such as: the evolution of the regulation of medicines in the European Union (EU); the role of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and national agencies; and the relevant legislative frameworks. Read more...

Module B: Quality & pre-clinical part of the dossier

The second module discusses two important elements of the Common Technical Document (CTD): quality and non-clinical studies. Good manufacturing and distribution practices (GMP and GDP), pharmacology, toxicology and quality by design will be some of the topics discussed here. Read more...

Module C: Clinical part of the dossier

The third module is on clinical studies. We will discuss the clinical part of the Common Technical Document, e.g. how clinical development plans are made; how to interpret clinical data; and how to make a benefit-risk analysis. Read more...

Module D: On the edge of pre- and post-marketing

Finally, module D discusses trends and topics on the edge of the pre- and post-marketing environments. These include (current) developments in HTA; pricing and reimbursement; and use of medicines (e.g. adherence, off-label use and safety monitoring). Read more...

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